AVID is a Singapore and Shanghai based inter-disciplinary collaborative group comprised of architectural, interior, landscape, environmental and wayfinding, brand and product designers.

Our practice has been involved in projects of different scales in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Philippines and the Middle East; contributing to a portfolio that is proficient and diverse in both typology and context; crafting a balance between pragmatism, allure and uniqueness for mixed use developments, commercial workplaces, residential homes and private retreats, hospitality and retail experiences, academic institutions, industrial infrastructures and, sporting and public sanctuaries.

AVID’s design emerges from the holistic understanding and endless research on the ever evolving life amidst multicultural exchanges and influences, global economic volatility and sophistication, digital information and technological communications. It is imperative to persistently seek contemporary design centric interpretations that are multi-sensorial, exhilarating and manifold, and resonate familiarity.

We are relentlessly committed to address the onslaught of challenges posed upon in an unyielding progressive fashion to overlap comprehensive, innovative and fertile solutions that define idiosyncratic desires and clarify functional needs, deliver the visually delightful aesthetics with understated elegance and exuberates individuality in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

AVID adopts a rigorous and meticulous approach to every project following on our firm doctrine that ‘no two projects are the same’.