Malcolm Chua
Co-Founder丨Design Director

Since the founding of AVID in 2001, Malcolm’s portfolio consists of a diverse range of works that spearheads a consistent philosophical pursuit towards multi-discipline design implementation. His design processes question and integrate all sensitivities of master planning, architecture, interior, landscape, products, branding, sustainability, etc. to craft an eventual built work that embraces people in the best possible way. Through a non-predetermined style, the specifically detailed designs endeavors to intimately connect concept and beauty, context and function.

Malcolm believes that the consequent design produce is an articulated affair between the figure ground, light and shadow, materiality and associated mechanics. The users’ experience have to be meaningful and the design discourse should be reduced yet delightfully cohesive. There is no need for embellishments, after thoughts and excessiveness. The built work is process driven, encapsulating and spiritually pleasing.